What is KRIK?
Kristen Idrottskontakt/Christian Sports Contact is a youth organization who want to create and combine the joy in sports, the joy in the Christian faith and the joy in life. In Sweden, KRIK has about 5 000 members and 150 local groups.

The main objectives of KRIK are:

  • Inspiration to live a Christian life
  • Win people to Christ
  • Give guidance about faith, ethics and sports
  • Create enjoyment

What is a local group?
A KRIK local group is an opportunity for the children and young people to combine both the joy of sports and the Christian faith. The group is started and fully managed by the local leadership. There are many activities a local KRIK group can choose to be involved in. Some meet in sport halls, football fields, parks and volleyball fields. A group can decide to have both winter and summer sports. What is common to all the groups is that during the meetings, there is a break to have devotion. In this way the Christian message becomes a natural part of the group.

KRIK encourages new ideas and big thinking. We are ready to help develop any new idea on how local groups can be made more relevant and effective.

How to start a local group
It is simple! Just get a group together and select the name and the leaders for the group. Fill out a KRIK application form and membership registration form and you are ready to go! Do you want to know more? Contact us!

The membership is free until the year you turn 26. After that there is a membership fee of 100 SEK per year per member that goes to support KRIK’s work both locally and nationally.